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Christmas a-go-go concert

December 11, 2004, Rochester, NY.

All hail Little Steven (or as my father still insists upon calling him "Miami Steve") Van Zandt, the savior of rock and roll radio.

More pictures from the show, including go-go dancers, can be found HERE.

Man, oh man, was it a great night out.

Also: Pictures from the Los Straitjackets/Pontani Sisters/Kaiser George/Hi-Risers show on November 30 are HERE.

If you love rock and roll, look at this

What: Rhythmbeat Rock 'n' roll Shows! Music and mayhem by the savage, young Twenty Dollar Quartet!!!

When: Saturday, October 16.

Where: Houston High School on 9755 Wolf River Blvd., Germantown, TN (classic car show from 2:00-4:00p) AND The Place Rock-Hop at 449 Hwy. 72 Collierville (Rock 'n' roll music like it hasn't been rocked in years from 9:00-10:15p!!!).

Be prepared to rock, bop, jump, shake, jive, rattle, wail, and roll to the soothing chaotic tunes of this phenomonal band! As promoted in this Friday's issue of the Playbook (Memphis' official first rhythmbeat publication!!!)!

By the by, the car show is free and the Place only costs $5
to get in. Go see them; rhythmbeat is being born this Saturday in Memphis, TN!
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I'm glad that all of you are so interested in music that was made back when it was quality over sales, artistry over shock value, and rhythm n' blues over proto-punk (ugh).

Do any of you listen to any rhythm n' blues specifically? Like Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Robert Johnson, etc.? I also dig a lot of rock n' roll, i.e. Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash...

Keep up the faith,

Kurt Riley
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We're fans of girl group here in the underground garage? Are we not? Anyone got any girl groups songs they know where the message of the song can be equated to "step off ho-bag, that's my man right there"? I may have an idea for a mix. I know this is only vaugely related, but I figure if there's any place where the kids are likely to know some good girl group, this would be the place.

So far suggested:
The Angels My Boyfriend's Back
Leslie Gore Judy's Turn To Cry
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Hooray, I didn't know that someone was enough of a genius to start a Little Steven community! Well, hello. My name is Liz, and I saw Greg Prevost from the Chesterfield Kings last Monday at the House of Guitars in Rochester, NY, and you didn't. He smiled at me. I died.

xoxo Liz

IM me if you like: itsvertigoagogo
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