February 14th, 2005

Little Stevens radio show is not very good

He also got that nick name because of his small whiener size.

Exploiting 60's garage rock should be a crime. It needs to stay in the underground where only coolies can dig it like me. Also Little Stevens likes that one really shitty band that I forget the name of I just remember seeing them live and thinking these guys fucking blow and they were the band that won his huge Battle of the garage bands. Whatever, little Stevens needs to shut his stinking gay pirate looking pie hole.

the underground garage NOT a very cool place to be

the first time i heard stuff like the ramones, davie allen and the stooges on the radio i have to admit it was pretty cool. However the novelty quickly wore off especially when i saw what this wolf man jack wannabee looked like. Little steven dresses like the lamest most homoerotic pirate in the world. If you actually listen to his lame radio show all he does is say "u2's new rock album is cool" and junk like "kelly osbournes new album has a lot of punk roots" NOw that was pretty lame but i had the very unfortinute experience of attending his christmas show in rochester. IT WAS LEGALIZED HUMAN TORTURE!!!! I was stuck there for like 5 hours Every band that little steven brought to our town was worse than ANY band in our town. I basicaly paid 30 dollars to see the chesterfield kings...which made up for all the junk i went thru that evening. YEA when i got there they charged a extra 5 bucks at the door probably because they didnt want people having enough money to buy something heavey to throw at little steven. The whole night we had to listen to all his lame jokes and his even lamer bands that were equal to tearing your toe nails off witha ice pick. or maybe getting a stomach tape worm. For some extra lame reason during the last chesterfield king song he came out with a guitar and jammed with the band. The kings threw garbage into the audience earlier and wanted people to throw it back. So i took garbage and threw it at little steven who probably wasnt expecting it and made a very big frown... poor guy hahhaha oh yea little steven is also responsible for the "christmas with the cranks" soundtrack yea real cool what do you do hang out with tim allen...lamest actor in america... while you eat a dunkin doughnut from iran

....real cool id rather get cancer!