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The Underground Garage: A Very Cool Place To Be's Journal

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Wednesday, January 26th, 2011
5:45 pm - Yoko Absorbing - Kruchenykh-125 (2011)


Release date: 2011-01-25
Label: Kruchenykh Records
Catalog#: Kr-file003
Quality: MP3, 320 kbps 44Hz, stereo
Size: 161 mb

1. Aus Sperrholz (5:38)
2. Jack (5:27)
3. Der Shaumgummi (5:43)
4. Polyrhythmica-2011 (9:10)
5. Der Teer (2:54)
6. Yoko Droning (7:31)
7. Personal Life (3:28)
8. Who Are You, Mr. Fandorin? (6:16)
9. Noise Oil Money (4:26)
10. Line Of Winter (6:12)
11. Prya Rai (9:46)
12. Dolphins In An Interstellar Dust (8:12)

Альбом посвящается 125-летию со дня рождения
великого русского футуриста Алексея Елисеевича КРУЧЁНЫХ (1886-1968).

Keywords: glitch; avant-garde; idm; post-rock;
ambient; drone; free improvisation; noise-pop;

DL: http://www.archive.org/details/kr-file003

Yoko Absorbing:

Kruchenykh Records:

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Monday, April 23rd, 2007
12:31 pm - Everything Is an Afterthought

I recently sold my first book. In conjunction, I've established another LiveJournal to report on the project's progress, occasionally provide links about, and writings by, its subject, Paul Nelson (famous for signing the New York Dolls to their first record label, as well as his Rolling Stone reviews of Bob Dylan, Ian Hunter and Mott the Hoople, Jackson Browne, the Sex Pistols, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, and the Ramones -- to say nothing of his cover story about Warren Zevon's battle with alcoholism), and share snippets of information or parts of interviews that may or may not be covered further in the final product.

In addition to being a critic and screenwriter, Nelson co-wrote the fine book: 701 Toughest Movie Trivia Questions of All Time (about which Martin Scorsese said, "Some of the sections were so tough I could only guess at the answers, but the book taught me a lot I was happy to learn").

The new journal shares the book's working title, Everything Is an Afterthought: The Life and Writings of Paul Nelson. Just follow the link.

Anybody interested in learning more about this brilliant critic, whose own life proved just as mysterious and fascinating as the artists' about whom he wrote, is welcome to join. As well, tracking the process of how a book goes from sale to publication should prove interesting. I'm rather curious about that part myself...

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Friday, July 28th, 2006
2:43 pm - Playing with Dolls


In the early Seventies, the New York Dolls were the reigning rock & roll band in New York City, the darlings of David Bowie and the avant-garde intelligentsia, Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith rolled into one, and America's principal purveyors of such newfound concepts as deliberate musical primitivism and the punk rock of futuristic, haute-couture street children. A cult band, they were passionately loved or hated, and more than a few critics (myself included) saw in them this country's best chance to develop a home-grown Rolling Stones. The Dolls were talented, and, more importantly, they had poisonality! Both of their albums made the charts, but a series of stormy misunderstandings among their record company, their management and themselves eventually extinguished the green light of hope, and the group disbanded... Like all good romantics, they had destroyed everything they touched. 

-- Paul Nelson, Rolling Stone, May 18, 1978

The argument could be made that we have the Mormon Church to thank for One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This, the first studio album in 32 years by the New York Dolls. It may not be a particularly good argument, but all the components are there for a not even half-baked conspiracy theory: 

As depicted in Greg Whiteley's fine documentary New York Doll, original Dolls bassist Arthur "Killer" Kane, who, following an an act of self-defenestration, had converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was working in the church's Family History Center Library when he discovered that an almost 30-year dream, something he had prayed for again and again, was about to come true: the remaining Dolls (David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain) wanted to reunite. Not only are his Mormon coworkers and bishop supportive of their friend, whose life of drinking and drugs had gone out the window with him, they help fund the retrieval of his guitar from a local pawnshop so that he can start practicing for the reunion gig. Had they not and had Kane not rejoined the band, and had New York Doll never been made, you could argue that there would not have been the press and acclaim and subsequent momentum to get the Dolls back into the studio, back on the radio, back on TV, and back in the stores. 

If New York Doll isn't the best piece of pro-LDS propaganda the Mormon Church has ever had at its behest, it's at least some damn funny and insightful off-the-cuff filmmaking. (Has ever a movie come into being so accidentally?) The movie's wacky elements and plot twists -- a faded, jealous rock star, his bitter wife, a quart of peppermint schnapps, a handy piece of cat furniture, an open kitchen window, and an unexpected demise -- tell a tale of decadence and redemption worthy of Raymond Chandler.

But in the midst of all this craziness there beats a heart, and it's a sweet one. Such as when Kane, "the only living statue in rock & roll" and, in Johansen's words, "the miracle of God's creation," leads the group in prayer before they take the stage for the first time in almost 30 years. Or earlier, back at the library, when Kane explains the responsibilities of being a rock & roll bassist to the two little old ladies with whom he works. Or when he confesses to his Mormon bishop his apprehensions about getting back together with Johansen (who, when he finally arrives in the studio, looks like a haggard Allison Janney). 

Which brings us to the Dolls' third album, One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This, which arrived in stores on Tuesday and which, like Bettie Page adorned in leather, is hard and soft at the same time. Lots of ricocheting guitar lines and anthemic pounding housed within four Phil Spectorish walls of sound; middle-aged men acting tough, vamping and posturing while sounding melodic as all hell. A reminder of how rock & roll ought to be. How it used to be. 

Combining clever wordplay ("Evolution is so obsolete/Stomp your hands and clap your feet," from the pro-simian/anti-creationist single, "Dance Like a Monkey") and wordy cleverness ("Ain't gonna anthropomorphize ya/Or perversely polymorphousize ya"), Johansen, whose vocalizing and songwriting have both aged magnificently, proves that, despite his Buster Poindexter detour, he remains one of rock's savviest practitioners. He leads the Dolls through a variety of subjects and styles while spewing his trash poetry lyrics ("All light shines in darkness/Where else could it shine?") with his heart on his sleeve and his tongue firmly in cheek -- often at the same time:

Yeah, I've been to the doctor
He said there ain't much he could do
"You've got the human condition
Boy, I feel sorry for you"

Funny is one thing, smart is another; but funny and smart at the same time, that's tough. Ask Woody Allen.

Listening to the new album, I couldn't help but think of critic Paul Nelson, whose words opened this piece and who, back in the early Seventies, was the A&R guy who put his job with Mercury Records on the line when he signed the Dolls to their first record deal ("I knew they were going to have to be a big success or I would lose my job, and I did"). What would Nelson, whose body was found alone in his New York apartment earlier this month, have made of the Dolls' new effort and return to the spotlight? And would he have seen anything of himself in the song "I Ain't Got Nothing"?

This is not how the end should have come
Who could imagine this when I was young?
Where is everybody?
It's not the way I wanted it to be

With One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This, the New York Dolls pick up right where they left off over 30 years ago, as if no time at all has passed. Which begs the question (especially with all the dancing like a monkey going on): shouldn't there have been some kind of evolution musically? If the Dolls remain just as smart and funny as before, and rock just as hard -- if just plain surviving isn't enough -- what have they gained? 

Wisdom perhaps?

We all should be so lucky.

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Thursday, January 19th, 2006
12:42 pm - If nobody wants this place I'm burning it to the ground.

Hey this community is no longer active and I'm a really lazy ass of a creator so who wants this place? If I don't hear anything in a week I'm deleting this joint. I haven't really done shit with this place and normally I'm out too late on Sundays to even bother tuning in. It happens every now and then, mostly because it's the only place to hear The Ramones on the airwaves in this radio wasteland we call "Delaware". I'm pretty sure radio sucks ass everywhere, but it seems to suck ass especially here. The DJs talk way too much and play more Journey and Genesis than The Who and The Rolling Stones.

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Sunday, December 18th, 2005
10:05 pm - HOLY SHIT

who just heard little steven's speech at the beginning of the underground garage tonight. dear god that was the gretest thing ive ever heard. maybe thats kinda sad but oh well. if anyone could get like a written version of that, it'd be ... really really awesome.

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Monday, October 10th, 2005
8:46 pm


wow, this seems like a jumpin' little juke joint.
i got a community too._death_letters .
join if you want.

and AIM me at tumbleingupwards if you want some really obsure old whitestripes shit.

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Sunday, May 1st, 2005
12:33 am - Promo


Claim your favorite bands, words, people, etc. Have fun.

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Monday, February 14th, 2005
1:27 am - Little Stevens radio show is not very good

He also got that nick name because of his small whiener size.

Exploiting 60's garage rock should be a crime. It needs to stay in the underground where only coolies can dig it like me. Also Little Stevens likes that one really shitty band that I forget the name of I just remember seeing them live and thinking these guys fucking blow and they were the band that won his huge Battle of the garage bands. Whatever, little Stevens needs to shut his stinking gay pirate looking pie hole.

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4:32 am - the underground garage NOT a very cool place to be

the first time i heard stuff like the ramones, davie allen and the stooges on the radio i have to admit it was pretty cool. However the novelty quickly wore off especially when i saw what this wolf man jack wannabee looked like. Little steven dresses like the lamest most homoerotic pirate in the world. If you actually listen to his lame radio show all he does is say "u2's new rock album is cool" and junk like "kelly osbournes new album has a lot of punk roots" NOw that was pretty lame but i had the very unfortinute experience of attending his christmas show in rochester. IT WAS LEGALIZED HUMAN TORTURE!!!! I was stuck there for like 5 hours Every band that little steven brought to our town was worse than ANY band in our town. I basicaly paid 30 dollars to see the chesterfield kings...which made up for all the junk i went thru that evening. YEA when i got there they charged a extra 5 bucks at the door probably because they didnt want people having enough money to buy something heavey to throw at little steven. The whole night we had to listen to all his lame jokes and his even lamer bands that were equal to tearing your toe nails off witha ice pick. or maybe getting a stomach tape worm. For some extra lame reason during the last chesterfield king song he came out with a guitar and jammed with the band. The kings threw garbage into the audience earlier and wanted people to throw it back. So i took garbage and threw it at little steven who probably wasnt expecting it and made a very big frown... poor guy hahhaha oh yea little steven is also responsible for the "christmas with the cranks" soundtrack yea real cool what do you do hang out with tim allen...lamest actor in america... while you eat a dunkin doughnut from iran

....real cool id rather get cancer!

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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
6:55 pm

hi. i just got a live journal. i play in a psychedelic garage band called the unspoken things. im from adelaide australia.

you can see my band web site at http://www.theunspokenthings.net

if you listen to our song samples please feel free to comment on them...

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Monday, January 24th, 2005
10:53 pm - digginfordirt.com needs another writer or two

hey all
for DigginforDirt.com I could use another writer or two.
If interested mail me on dirtymusic@gmail.com
Thanks for your attention.

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Saturday, January 15th, 2005
11:43 pm - Hey Garage Rockers, Check out my New Community

kick Ass Album Covers!

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Friday, January 7th, 2005
1:56 pm - Greetings Little Steven fans

I am long time Brooooce fan and I adore SVZ- so I HAD to join this community. I am addicted to LJ and totally bonkers to boot


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Monday, December 13th, 2004
1:31 am - Christmas a-go-go concert

December 11, 2004, Rochester, NY.

All hail Little Steven (or as my father still insists upon calling him "Miami Steve") Van Zandt, the savior of rock and roll radio.

More pictures from the show, including go-go dancers, can be found HERE.

Man, oh man, was it a great night out.

Also: Pictures from the Los Straitjackets/Pontani Sisters/Kaiser George/Hi-Risers show on November 30 are HERE.

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Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
10:50 am - Kind of a stab in the dark

Is anyone going to Little Steven's Christmas A-Go-Go show at Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, Ny next Saturday?

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Thursday, November 4th, 2004
6:06 pm

Hey. I'm Lauren, and I'm new. I'm 14, anything else you wanna know, look at my info.

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Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
4:08 pm - If you love rock and roll, look at this

What: Rhythmbeat Rock 'n' roll Shows! Music and mayhem by the savage, young Twenty Dollar Quartet!!!

When: Saturday, October 16.

Where: Houston High School on 9755 Wolf River Blvd., Germantown, TN (classic car show from 2:00-4:00p) AND The Place Rock-Hop at 449 Hwy. 72 Collierville (Rock 'n' roll music like it hasn't been rocked in years from 9:00-10:15p!!!).

Be prepared to rock, bop, jump, shake, jive, rattle, wail, and roll to the soothing chaotic tunes of this phenomonal band! As promoted in this Friday's issue of the Playbook (Memphis' official first rhythmbeat publication!!!)!

By the by, the car show is free and the Place only costs $5
to get in. Go see them; rhythmbeat is being born this Saturday in Memphis, TN!

current mood: accomplished

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Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
9:02 am

I'm glad that all of you are so interested in music that was made back when it was quality over sales, artistry over shock value, and rhythm n' blues over proto-punk (ugh).

Do any of you listen to any rhythm n' blues specifically? Like Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Robert Johnson, etc.? I also dig a lot of rock n' roll, i.e. Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash...

Keep up the faith,

Kurt Riley

current mood: tired

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Sunday, September 12th, 2004
6:13 pm - Cross-posted to mixtapes

We're fans of girl group here in the underground garage? Are we not? Anyone got any girl groups songs they know where the message of the song can be equated to "step off ho-bag, that's my man right there"? I may have an idea for a mix. I know this is only vaugely related, but I figure if there's any place where the kids are likely to know some good girl group, this would be the place.

So far suggested:
The Angels My Boyfriend's Back
Leslie Gore Judy's Turn To Cry

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Sunday, August 29th, 2004

Hooray, I didn't know that someone was enough of a genius to start a Little Steven community! Well, hello. My name is Liz, and I saw Greg Prevost from the Chesterfield Kings last Monday at the House of Guitars in Rochester, NY, and you didn't. He smiled at me. I died.

xoxo Liz

IM me if you like: itsvertigoagogo

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